Oh, the list. draft 1.


  • Things I Like
    • Theatre/Singing/Acting
    • Cuddling with dogs
    • Espresso
    • Travel
  • Things I’ve Learned
    • Be HONEST.
    • You may never be as good as -or- better than the next guy – that’s ok.
    • Try to excuse yourself before you fart in the presence of important company.
    • Women can travel the world alone.
  • Things I Wish
    • That everyone – every single person on earth – could stop and eat a meal together at one loooooong table.
    • That I lived near an eclectic cafe/coffee shop
    • That I could master the tiramisu: I ALWAYS make it a bit too soggy with rum or Kahlua (not like that’s a bad thing)
  • Things You’re Good At
    • Organization/Staying Clean
    • Accents
    • Learning Languages
    • Conversations with Strangers

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