So, why write? And why now?


I write because…
I have always found difficulty in reading for long periods of time. I could (and would) read the same few sentences over and over again, my mind off somewhere else.  I’m a kinesthetic learner.  I needed something that I could make tangible.  My mother introduced me to audiobooks when I was very small.  I often acted out for my parents as the narrator – it helped me connect the emotion to the words, feeling and understanding what the author was conveying.  I would raid the bookstore for stage notes that described a dancer’s movements – his/her thoughts and intentions.  This was my first realization that the stage placed me on the page with the words.  I became the words.

I write because the stage is my first love.  And the words that grace it should never be lacking, and should never be kept to oneself.  While I hope to improve my writing – and control my tendency to be verbose – I’m not sure what will come of my writing, one thing is for sure: I will be right at home.

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